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When the much-loved Aereogramme split up last year, there was little talk over who would fill the gap since they essentially represented a Glasgow-dominated post-rock scene whose popularity peaked at least half a dozen years ago.

So that might explain why, on being introduced to the sounds of atmospheric newcomers THERE WILL BE FIREWORKS, our first reaction of ‘This band are quite wonderful’ was immediately followed by ‘Will anyone care?’.

A listen to the Glaswegian quartet’s gloriously accomplished songs on their Myspace would suggest the answer to the question is a resounding ‘yes’ but, frankly, the final say is entirely down to you, dear reader. So that’s why we recommend you download some There Will Be Fireworks mp3s, attend their gigs and spread the word. Let’s hear it for post-post-rock!

4 There Will Be Fireworks – White Noise On The TV
4 There Will Be Fireworks – Talking Backwards
b April 4, The Winchester Club, Glasgow
b April 18, Old Mill Studios, Strathaven
b June 13, 13th Note, Glasgow

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