The old ones are the best

It’s official – the CD is dead. We surely aren’t the only ones who have hooked up some decent speakers to our computer to turn it into an all-inclusive mp3 jukebox.

The advantages are obvious. There’s none of the hassle of flicking through spines of plastic cases, no scratched discs to worry about, no need to spend hours on manual alphabetisation. All it takes is a click of the mouse and Dylan, Bob is your UNKLE.

Nevertheless last weekend, while ruthlessly putting The Pop Cop HQ’s entire collection of compact discs up for sale on Amazon Marketplace, there was a lump in the throat when we stumbled across some much-loved records by our favourite extinct Scottish bands.

And so it is with a great deal of nostalgia that we bring to you our 12 most fondly remembered heroes (in alphabetical order, of course). We invite you to use our comments section as a kind of memorial guestbook, so let us know what this lot meant to you.

AEREOGRAMME: Only a year gone, but the music scene is quieter (quieter/louder?) for their absence. The trio were sporting beards long before Band Of Horses made it acceptable.

ARAB STRAP: They lived the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll dream. And drinking goes in that list somewhere too.Malcolm Middleton’s solo output has been unexpectedly fulfilling – he was clearly the dark horse of the group.

ASTRID: Absolutely flawless pop music that masked a band with self-destructive tendencies. Singer Willie Campbell recently collaborated with Kevin MacNeil for a rock-poetry project, and now fronts Our Small Capitaland The Open Day Rotation. Charles Clark sings for Our Lunar Activities, while Gareth Russell plays bass inIdlewild and Neil Payne drums for Texas.

BUDDHA CRUSH: The Edinburgh punk-pop group had plenty of gusto but released a single called We Expect To Fail and soon dropped off the radar.

DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS: ***Stop press*** This very second we have just discovered that singer Craig Macintosh has brought DDIHC back from the dead and is appealing for folk to help him finish the second album. Demo tracks are available from his blog for anyone with a bit of creativity and/or a desire to earn 50% royalties!

PARIAH: On record they were full of instrumental bliss, but on stage they turned into a post-rock beast that could make rooms shudder. We still treasure their two locally-distributed albums of breathtaking beauty. The warm tones of ex-Pariah man Evan Crichton are well worth investigating, while Andy Bush now shows off his talents in De Rosa.

PUPKIN: Ah, Pupkin. A band forever close to our hearts. Stow College’s Class of 2001 picked them for their annual Electric Honey project but they never attained the fame and fortune they deserved. These days frontman Peter Kelly is behind the wonderful Beerjacket.

THE DELGADOS: Universally loved by those who heard them, their seminal albums Peloton and The Great Eastern still stand as two of the best to have ever come out of Scotland. It’s impossible not to think of Emma Pollock and Alun Woodward (now releasing music under Lord Cut-Glass) as two halves of a divorced couple.

THE FRIDAYS: They came, they saw, they split up. We know of them just by reputation (a devoted teenage fanbase, major labels circling) and four demo songs whose raw energy reminded us of the first time we heard The Strokes.

THE SMILES: Played the main stage of T in the Park and appeared on TFI Friday, but their finished debut album never saw the light of day when the shit hit the fan at their record label A&M. Such a shame. Drummer Neil Payne went on to play for Astrid before joining ex-Smiles singer Tony McGovern with Texas. Tony now frontsKizzy Star.

THE SUPERNATURALS: The snobbish critics may scoff but it takes a heck of a lot of talent to create pop songs of the simple genius that defined The Supernaturals. You probably haven’t listened to Smile, The Day Before Yesterday’s Man or I Wasn’t Built To Get Up for a decade but we bet you still know all the words. Singer James McColl can be found playing in The Hussy’s.

URUSEI YATSURA: Skewed pop of the highest order, with a healthy dose of American college rock influence to boot. Too cool for school, really.

Aereogramme – Indiscretion #243
4 Arab Strap – Girls Of Summer (live)
4 Astrid – Modes Of Transport
4 Buddha Crush – Don’t Want To Know
4 Dogs Die In Hot Cars – Godhopping
4 Pariah – December
4 Pupkin – Delay Development
4 The Delgados – American Trilogy
4 The Fridays – Noise Noise Noise
4 The Smiles – Say Something
4 The Supernaturals – I Wasn’t Built To Get Up
4 Urusei Yatsura – Hello Tiger

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