Devine intervention

You can’t help but admire a guy like KEVIN DEVINE. The New Yorker has been quietly doing his own thing for the past six years, taking his increasingly satisfying acoustic-driven songs to the farthest corners of North America and Europe and selling just enough CDs to scrape by.

Indeed, when I first stumbled across him playing his heart out at a half-empty Barfly in Glasgow several years ago, I was so struck by the instantly appealing melodies I not only bought the latest Kevin Devine album on the spot, I even signed up to his email mailing list (seriously, I never do that).

All the hard slog finally paid dividends when Capitol Records handed him a major label-sized budget to record his most fully realised album yet, Put Your Ghost To Rest. And even though a business merger saw Devine cruelly dropped just four months after its release, it was still job done in terms of giving his music a leg-up to reach the wider audience it deserves.

4 Kevin Devine – The Burning City Smoke
4 Kevin Devine – No One Else’s Problem
b May 10, King Tut’s, Glasgow (tickets)

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