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Plenty of adjectives have been used to describe TRAVIS but “surprising” isn’t one of the more common ones. So here are two things that you probably didn’t know about the Glaswegian band:

1. Fran Healy used to go out with the actress Laura Fraser when they were teenagers.
2. The song that has inspired the group’s next album Ode To J. Smith is unlike anything they have ever done before.

The aforementioned song is called J. Smith and while we’d like to tell you what’s so different about it that would ruin the surprise, so why not just download it below and see for yourself.

Knowing what you’re getting with Travis has earned them as many allies as detractors throughout their career, but their new direction might very well unite both sides of the divide in love or hate.

4 Travis – J. Smith
4 Travis – Coming Around

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