Razor sharp

Has it ever occurred to you that we’re constantly being resold things we already own under the false pretence that they’ll make our lives immeasurably better… when in fact the only difference that’s measurable is how much lighter our pockets will be.

The national papers are currently carrying full-page adverts declaring: “Why is Fusion Power better than Mach3?” Having spent 10 years telling everyone how great a Mach3 is, Gillette have realised that the only way they can keep making more money from their customers is to undermine their own product.

Razors, mobile phones and TVs all last a long time without going faulty – yet so many of us succumb to the possibility of something new and improved.

As we mentioned last week, it’s almost a given these days to hear a guitar band and know exactly who they have been ripping off – which makes us wonder why it has taken as long as it has for some clever clogs to look at the millions of pounds generated every year from the timeless ABBA phenomenon and attempt to grab a piece of the pie.

Enter ALPHABEAT. Scandanavian, fair-haired, mixed-gender, faultless command of the English language, devilishly intelligent pop songs and on the right side of cheesy. Genius.

4 Alphabeat – Fascination
4 Alphabeat – Digital Love (Daft Punk cover)

b July 9, Oran Mor, Glasgow (tickets)
b July 11, T in the Park, Balado (sold out)
b October 22, Liquid Room, Edinburgh (tickets)
b October 24, ABC, Glasgow (tickets)

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