The model patience

THE CAVE SINGERS are probably just one song short of “doing a Band Of Horses”. Band Of Horses first caught most people’s attention with the epic five-minute beast that is Funeral and while their Seattle neighbours have delivered a beautifully crafted debut album called Invitation Songs, it lacks the kind of standout tune that turns a snowball into an avalanche.

The National singer Matt Berninger once touched on this effect when he amusingly described Fake Empire as their Hey Ya! because of the amount of new fans the first taster from Boxer helped draw to them.

Structurally, The Cave Singers go down a similar path by creating intelligent, thoughtful music but there’s more of a leaning towards campfire folk that gives their songs a slow-burning appeal which rewards those who can cope without a quick-fix.

If you agree that patience is a virtue you’ll soon fall in love with this band.

4 The Cave Singers – Oh Christine
4 The Cave Singers – After The First Baptism

b June 27, King Tut’s Glasgow (tickets)

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