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A couple of months ago, you may remember we wrote about the day we discovered some lost gems while rummaging through our music collection. What we didn’t tell you was that the most priceless item we came across was a full video of one of the most exclusive gigs BELLE & SEBASTIAN have ever played… and we’re going to give it away to whoever wants it the most.

On February 28, 2001, the band appeared in the John McIntyre Hall at Glasgow University in support of Stuart Murdoch’s bid to become rector of the university. The capacity was limited to just 250 students, most of whom sat on the carpeted floor to watch Belle & Sebastian play what was their first show in two years. The free afternoon gig lasted 40 minutes, with Murdoch also taking questions from the audience between songs about his rector credentials.

The “campaign rally” – as it was officially labelled – was memorable for many reasons. It was the first time the Glasgow group had publicly played Fuck This Shit and Big John Shaft (both of which were released a year later on the Storytelling soundtrack), they covered Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones and Isobel Campbell bizarrely wore a thick brown coat back-to-front during the last of the eight songs, Legal Man.

The concert did spark some amusing tabloid-world controversy. Two days before it, the Daily Record accused Murdoch of playing the gig in an attempt to bribe students to vote for him. In the end, though, the singer was pipped to the rector post by unfunny Canadian comedian Greg Hemphill.

Anyway, to show our appreciation for all the positive feedback we received following our 1st birthday post and to mark another landmark (this is The Pop Cop’s 200 post), we’ve decided to run a competition to win a DVD of Belle & Sebastian’s full gig at Glasgow University.

The show, which was professionally filmed on three different video cameras in the hall, was made into a VHS cassette (this was 2001 remember) and later converted into DVD. Having acquired the film from its source, The Pop Cop has the only copy that exists on the planet so getting your hands on it would probably be like winning the lottery for anyone who likes the band.

As we said earlier, we’re going to give it away to whoever wants it the most. So here’s what you need to do. Read carefully…

The winner of the DVD will be the person who posts links to The Pop Cop homepage (http://thepopcop.co.uk/) to the most number of UNIQUE websites by 23.59 GMT on June 30. These links can go on messageboards, social network sites, forums, other blogs, etc, but they MUST be accompanied by something that identifies yourself as the author (like a username or pseudonym) – that way you can prove who added the links. You MUST also keep a tally of the number of links you have posted AND have the direct website addresses in which they can be found, so that we can verify your claim.

Finally, on July 1, send us a single email to thepopcop@gmail.com with your final tally and a list of verifiable links. Whoever has the most will be sent the Belle & Sebastian DVD by post, to wherever you are in the world, simple as that.

For one example of the kind of thing we’re looking for, take a look at the picture on the right.

4 Belle & Sebastian – Slow Graffiti
4 Belle & Sebastian – There’s Too Much Love

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