The Outsiders: Barry Saint

We’re back with the second and final week of our feature on The Outsiders – the Scots who are making a name for themselves in the wider world of music. Today’s subject certainly knows a thing or two about talent-spotting.

Name: Barry Saint.
Job title: I have three jobs – manager of the Scottish band, Broken Records. A&R manager for Distiller Records. A&R consultant for Z Management.
Age: 28.
Hometown: Glasgow.
When did you leave Scotland? 2003.
Is your Scottish identity important to you? If so, in what ways? Yes. I love Scotland, I’m very proud to be Scottish and I love nothing more than coming back home. We are different people from the English, Welsh etc, and I think this is even more noticeable when you are away. We should protect our identity.
How did you get your job and what had you done before? I moved to London to become an A&R scout for Sony BMG then became an A&R manager at EMI before moving on to my current positions.
Who is the most famous person you have met while doing your job? I have met The Fratellis, Lily Allen, The Kooks, The Libertines, Stereophonics plus lots more. I’m not sure who is the most famous though.
What’s the best and worst parts of your job? The best part is discovering an amazing band and knowing they are unsigned. The worst part is watching that band sign to a rival label.
What music are you excited about right now? I’m really excited by Broken Records, whom I recently took on for management. They are an exceptional band with really big, well-written songs. A true gem.
How would you rate your knowledge of the current Scottish music scene? Have any new Scottish acts caught your eye recently? I would like to think I have a really good knowledge of the Scottish scene. I always keep up to date with what is going on and I’m always looking for the next big one to come out of there.

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