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We hope you’ve enjoyed The Pop Cop’s series on The Outsiders – be sure to share your thoughts and feedback. With any luck you’re feeling inspired and have learned something new, even if it’s just that every ex-pat Scot has met Coldplay. Thanks to everyone who gave their time to contribute. Here’s the final instalment.

Name: Craig Michie.
Job title: A&R scout, Chrysalis Music Publishing.
Age: 27.
Hometown: St Andrews.
When did you leave Scotland? 2002.
Is your Scottish identity important to you? Very much so.
How did you get your job and what had you done before? I was bored in the job I was in so I phoned my cousin in the middle of the day. She knew someone at EMI so I called him up and it turned out he had a job going at Virgin Records as an A&R assistant. I got the job because he was from Inverness and supported Dundee United, and I used to play for Dundee United reserves so I had many stories to tell him. I got my job at Chrysalis because the MD of Virgin knew I wanted to move on and his Jewish mate (my current boss) had a job going and gave me it. It’s about who you know, being in the right place and being pushy yet polite. But you also have to know your place and be willing to make mistakes and learn from your bosses. There is a reason why they are still in their jobs.
Who is the most famous person you have met while doing your job? Chris Martin.
What’s the best and worst part of your job? It’s a lifestyle, not a job. Flexi-time. It’s a journey rather than a planned out career. It’s like the thrill of buying a lottery ticket – it just might become massive!
What music are you excited about right now? Glasvegas.
Have any new Scottish acts caught your eye recently? Glasvegas, Frightened Rabbit.
Anything else you’d like to add… It is people like you (The Pop Cop) who are the future of the music industry, not people like me.

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4 Frightened RabbitSoon Go

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