Too many Kooks (fans)

There’s no point in beating around the bush, size does matter. In the life of a rock band, for example, the number of punters they are able to draw to gigs is directly proportionate to the magnitude of the tour bus you’ll see parked outside the venue. Big is always best.

Of course plenty of music fans hanker after that loving feeling they got when they first saw their favourites before everyone and their dad brazenly jumped on the bandwagon. Once you’ve stood in the front row of a sweat-stenched basement and wiped away the singer’s spittle after every lyric starting with the letter ‘P’ you just know life will never be this good again.

But with such a limited shelf life, you can’t blame musicians for wanting to milk their earning capacity while they’re still hot. Yes, even if that means playing to people who only know the singles.

Nevertheless, THE KOOKS are going back to basics next Friday with a gig at King Tut’s, a venue they last played in February 2006 when, as the picture above shows, they looked worryingly malnourished.

And clearly PRIMAL SCREAM also think that getting intimate with 350 people is the perfect preparation for playing to an audience of at least 10 times that amount at T in the Park. They’ll be serenading competition winners at a secret Glasgow location (*cough* ABC2) on Monday.

4 The Kooks – Be Mine
4 The Kooks featuring Simon Wilcox – Young Folks (Peter Bjorn And John cover)
bJuly 11, King Tut’s, Glasgow (sold out)
bJuly 12, T in the Park, Balado (sold out)

4 Primal Scream – Accelerator
4 Primal Scream – Country Girl
bJuly 7, secret location, Glasgow (competition winners)
bJuly 13, T in the Park, Balado (sold out)

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