Love at first site

We discover new music via all manner of sources but perhaps the most unlikely came a few weeks ago when a post on this very site led to us hearing something pretty wonderful for this first time.

In our special feature on The Outsiders, a Q&A with A&R manager Paul Barton threw up a mention of Glasgow band JOCASTA SLEEPS. A visit to their Myspace page later and we were converted. They’ve adopted the polished rock stylings of Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday and added a transatlantic twist with hooks aplenty and a driving intensity that’s hard to resist.
But Jocasta Sleeps aren’t the only group we’ve discovered thanks to a post on The Pop Cop. We recently got this email:

“I was hoping that you could do a stranger a favor. I discovered Broken Records through your blog, and being from the States I have had a hard time getting my hands on their songs. I listened to Slow Parade about 10 times at work today. I would love to get as much as you have if you wouldn’t mind. I can pay you back with some music you might not have heard that I think is great. Thanks, Ken.”

After helping Ken with his Broken Records fix, he gladly obliged with a tip-off about FANFARLO from London. If you own any Arcade Fire or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah records you should be getting rather excited right about now.

4 Jocasta Sleeps – Baggy Needles
4 Jocasta Sleeps – I Am A Fin
b October 10, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh (tickets)

4 Fanfarlo – Fire Escape
4 Fanfarlo – Sand And Ice

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