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Does anyone else think that BLOC PARTY are becoming the band you wished Radiohead had evolved into post-OK Computer?

Normally cut ‘n’ paste electronica, crunk and jazz would have us running to the nearest mute button, yet Bloc Party can somehow mash these elements into irresistible mainstream hits. And every time they push themselves, they push their audience along with them.

Given that they’ve managed to develop so satisfyingly in the space of three albums in just four years, it does make you wonder why they haven’t followed Muse into the pantheons of stadium-rock legend. Bloc Party certainly have the songs. The answer can probably be found in their live performances. On stage, Kele Okereke’s vocals tend to get shouty and even musicians as talented as this lot can’t replicate the full repertoire of studio wizardry employed by super-producers Paul Epworth and Jacknife Lee.

But the ambition alone of Kele and Co puts 99% of indie rock music to shame. Bloc Party have found a winning formula yet they aren’t content to stick to it, instead choosing to relentlessly drive the genre in new directions. Now that’s heroic.

4 Bloc Party – Ion Square
4 Bloc Party – Two More Years

b August 30, Hydro Connect, Inverary (tickets)

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