Past perfect

Noel Gallagher on Heathen Chemistry“It’s far and away the best record since Definitely Maybe”
“Noel Gallagher on
Don’t Believe The Truth“This is our best album since Definitely Maybe”
“Noel Gallagher on
Dig Out Your Soul“A huge step forward from Don’t Believe The Truth”

It’s hard to admit defeat, that your glory days are an increasingly distant memory, but the sooner OASIS accept that they peaked more than a dozen years ago, the better it will be for all of us.

As the promotional campaign snowballs ahead of the release of their seventh record Dig Out Your Soul, so the hyperbole begins.

The Shock Of The Lightning has been described by Noel Gallagher as “a driving, pumping, pop, rock ‘n’ roll masterpiece”. In truth, it’s just typical Oasis lead single fare: plenty of bluster but little class.

Some fans have been raving about leaked album song Falling Down – and with good reason. The Noel-sung track sounds like a cracking Doves tune and is probably better than anything Oasis have come up with in… let’s see… a decade. These days that’s as good as they can ever hope to achieve.

4 Oasis – Falling Down
4 Oasis – The Shock Of The Lightning

b November 1/2, AECC, Aberdeen (tickets on sale August 20)
b November 4/5, SECC, Glasgow (tickets on sale August 20)

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