Saint Andrew

Where’s Jimmy Savile when you need him? If we could make any wish come true it would be for JACK’S MANNEQUIN to play in Scotland.

Yet even though the number of people who have listened to their Myspace songs is counted in the tens of millions it wouldn’t be a surprise if you weren’t even aware of their existence. The Californian band fronted by Andrew McMahon have never played in Europe and, as far as we’re aware, they’ve had no promotion whatsoever in the UK from Warner Bros.

The story of Andrew Ross McMahon (a fine Celtic name there) is a fascinating one. He conceived Jack’s Mannequin as an outlet for the piano-based songs he was writing that didn’t fit the mould of Something Corporate, the punk-pop group that took him to Glasgow three times between 2002-2003.

The first fruits of his “solo” venture was the quite astonishing 2005 album Everything In Transit, a masterpiece of honest melody and poignant lyricism. Trust us, you owe it to yourself to get ahold of a copy. What’s even more incredible is that the record was released just 11 weeks after McMahon, then aged 22, was diagnosed with a serious form of leukemia – an illness he successfully fought thanks to a stem cell transplant from his sister.

Next month brings the release of Jack’s Mannequin’s much-anticipated second album The Glass Passenger and the early signs are that another modern classic is about to land on these shores – unfortunately we can’t yet say the same for the musicians responsible for it.

4 Jack’s Mannequin – Rescued (Everything In Transit)
4 Jack’s Mannequin – The Lights And Buzz (Everything In Transit bonus track)
4 Jack’s Mannequin – The Resolution (The Glass Passenger)
4 Jack’s Mannequin – Miss California (The Glass Passenger bonus track)

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