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When did school bands start getting good all of a sudden? We thought they were supposed to be training grounds for fizzy juice-fuelled teenagers playing Stereophonics covers or getting that thrash metal phase out of their system.

Clearly not so at the University College School (which, despite its name, is neither a university nor a college in the traditional sense) in London. At the tender age of 18, the four musicians who make upBOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB have just left secondary education to embark in the full-time pursuit of rock stardom.

Remarkably, BBC were classmates of Cajun Dance Party, who are following an identical post-school path with some success. But while CDP have opted for a more unoriginal Kooks sound, Bombay Bicycle Club have finely honed (they’ve been going since 15 we’ll have you know) a hip, New York-influenced guitar sound, with Jack Steadman’s vocals pitched somewhere between Conor Oberst and Brian Molko.

We wonder what their career guidance teacher makes of it all.

4 Bombay Bicycle Club – Evening / Morning
4 Bombay Bicycle Club – How Are You

b August 25, King Tut’s, Glasgow (tickets)
b August 26, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (tickets)

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