Live review: The Little Ones @ King Tut’s, Glasgow

Sometimes we think we have this pop game sussed, that picking out those artists who are destined for success and ensuing fan worship isn’t so difficult if you know a good tune when you hear it.

At the end of last year we genuinely believed THE LITTLE ONES would be one of 2008’s most popular new bands, given the strength of their pre-album material and a decent internet buzz. But seeing as The Pop Copwas one of just 60 punters who made the effort to catch the Californians’ only Scottish date at King Tut’s last night, it does make us wonder.

In many ways it mirrors the riches-to-rags story of Voxtrot, another American indie pop band whose fantastic EPs earned them a sizable internet following which curiously seemed to evaporate when it came round to releasing their debut album.
Putting aside these indifferences, The Little Ones hadn’t travelled 5,000 miles to put on anything less than a thoroughly entertaining show, and their hardy fans were rewarded with a 30-minute set encompassing the highlights of their Morning Tide album as well as the standout moments from their Sing Song EP, namely Oh, MJ! and the barnstorming Lovers Who Uncover.

For now, I guess they’ll just have to remain our little secret.

4 The Little Ones – Ordinary Song
4 The Little Ones – Oh MJ!

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