Live review: Pete & The Pirates @ King Tut’s, Glasgow

This gig was many things. Raucous. Joyful. A little bit rowdy. Most importantly, however, it was a timely reminder that PETE & THE PIRATES have actually made one of 2008’s best albums.

That will probably comes as some surprise to those who dismissed the Reading quintet as just the latest in a tiresomely long line of Someone & The Something bands to emerge this year. But behind the angular sounds of their Little Death record lies a marvellous backbone of winning pop hooks almost as memorable as those found on Franz Ferdinand’s debut.

The world at large may have been slow to cotton on but the kids at King Tut’s certainly aren’t shy to show their appreciation, with roars of delight for She Doesn’t Belong To Me and Come On Feet, not to mention terrace-like chants of “Pirates, we do. Pirates, we love you”.

Nerdy guitarist Pete Hefferan misinterprets the frenzied reception as a sign of personal warmth, and his attempt to show off his recent purchase of stickered tattoos is mocked mercilessly. “Your mum’s going to kill you!” was one of the more printable crowd heckles. “Wanker!” was not.

With his boyish good looks and unflappable demeanour, singer Tommy Sanders easily wins the cool vote, revelling in the energy created by his young devotees. Of course, it helps that his band have a devilishly clever knack of coming up with guitar sounds that can be so readily replicated with hums and da-ra-ras, as the singalongs to Mr Understanding – the highlight of the set – and Knots prove.

4 Pete & The Pirates – Mr Understanding
4 Pete & The Pirates – Ill Love

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