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If the careers of David Sneddon, Michelle McManus and Leon Jackson are anything to go by, TOMMY REILLY can look forward to a future of obscurity, humiliation and indifference… which would be a right shame because this latest Scottish winner of a national TV talent contest deserves much better.

The 19-year-old singer-songwriter beat 7,000 other hopefuls from the UK to be crowned T4’s Orange Unsigned Act champion last weekend, with Glasgow band Hip Parade coming second. Tommy’s prize was a modest £60,000 advance, which isn’t even enough to buy half a house in his hometown of Torrance, but it will at least allow him to record and release an album.

And there’s a fair chance it’ll turn out to be rather decent. Tommy may not be the greatest of singers or guitarists (his cover of Mr Brightside suggested his best instrument is actually the piano), but he is gutsy, honest, unpretentious and unmistakably Scottish-looking.

Judging by his lyrics, which cutely namecheck Glasgow hotspots, he also seems to be crushingly unlucky in love. He sings about forcing himself to drink coffee in Ashton Lane in a bid to pull (I Don’t Like Coffee) and being dingied by a girl he met in the ABC (current single Gimme A Call).

Curiously, however, he decided not to use his best song by far during his television appearances, Cards On The Table, which highlights his self-proclaimed Frightened Rabbit influence.

So perhaps the best is yet to come from Tommy Reilly, but either way he is one of the good guys. Gaun yersel’, pal!

4 Tommy Reilly – Gimme A Call
4 Tommy Reilly – Cards On The Table
b February 26, Ironworks, Inverness (tickets)
b February 27, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen (tickets)
b February 28, Fat Sams, Dundee (tickets)
b March 1, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (sold out)
b March 4 Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (tickets)
b March 5, Garage, Glasgow (tickets)

4 Hip Parade – Girl On The Radio
b February 6, Greenslide, Glenrothes (tickets)
b February 9, King Tut’s, Glasgow (sold out)
b February 24, PJ’s, Dunfermline
b February 28, Crown Bar, Dunoon
b March 7, Fat Sams, Dundee (tickets)
b March 12, Ironworks, Inverness (tickets)
b March 19, Classic Grand, Glasgow (tickets)
b March 20, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen (tickets)

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