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JOE BROOKS is going to be big – so big, in fact, that you’ll probably come to resent him by the time success, fame and infinite wealth have brainwashed his young mind.

Perhaps we’re being a bit presumptuous. Joe isn’t your typical 21-year-old from Southampton. Not only is he a Christian, but he’s the kind of Christian who likes to let strangers know he’s a Christian. He has built homes for the poor in Tanzania, he once quoted Mother Teresa on his website and he lists his main influence as “The Big Man Upstairs”. We’re guessing that doesn’t mean Gary Barlow is his neighbour.

Despite a genuinely massive MySpace profile and fans aplenty on both sides of the Atlantic, he has so far resisted the temptation to commit himself to a record label, although the slickness of his songs and the operation behind him suggests that someone with a large wad of cash is carefully pushing Joe in the right direction.

For starters, he’s supported by Gibson guitars, only uses Elixir strings and endorses Adobe (WTF?!). He also uses blonde girls in hot pants to promote his merchandise empire. A Christian and a capitalist then.
But let us judge the boy on his music. His acoustic-based melodies are very much in the style of Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz and his gentle vocal delivery is easy on the ears. Indeed, this is the perfect time to start preferring his early stuff and catch him in small venues before the relationship loses its intimacy.

And on that subject, The Pop Cop has a pair of free tickets to give away for Joe’s gig at King Tut’s on Tuesday. To be in with a chance of winning, just answer this ridiculously easy question:

What city is Joe Brooks from?

Email your answer, name and address to thepopcop@gmail.com no later than Sunday, January 25. Good luck.

4 Joe Brooks – Holes Inside
4 Joe Brooks – Getting Away

b January 27, King Tut’s, Glasgow (tickets)

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