Closed for business. Pleasure continues.

You only have to cast an envious glance at the awards ceremonies that seem to be happening every other night to realise the entertainment business is a world of profit and excess. And if you’re making plenty of the former, you can never have too much of the latter.

Yet make no mistake, the music industry is currently fighting an increasingly desperate battle to reinvent itself in whichever direction maximises its need for financial exploitation. The supposed saviour – live music – isn’t an indestructible cash cow after all, certainly not in Scotland given the recent deaths of the Connect festival, Tennent’s Mutual project and Glasgow Barfly.

It’s somewhat ironic that money is rarely the main motivation for the employees who actually hold the entire music scene together – the artists. Theirs is a domain populated by the have-nots, driven by an irrational fairytale in which the happy ending is usually staged in a very large field. It’s no surprise the most common prefix for musician is “struggling”.

So that’s why we feel heart-sorry for young local bands such as MAKE MODEL and SERGEANT, who had no doubt been promised fame and fortune when they signed to major labels, yet were both dropped before the public had a chance to hear their done-and-dusted debut albums.

The cynic in us would normally chastise THE BLUETONES for deciding to devote their second tour in four months to playing 1996 debut record Expecting To Fly, but seeing as they’re actually giving the punters what they want, who could blame them?

4 Sergeant – Counting Down The Days
b February 27, Room At The Top, Bathgate
b March 7, The Arches, Glasgow (tickets)
b March 8, The Hive, Edinburgh (tickets)
b March 13, Viewfield Hotel, Arbroath (tickets)
b March 21, Velocity, Dunfermline (tickets)
b March 28, Fat Sams, Dundee (tickets)

4 The Bluetones – Slight Return
b March 4, QMU, Glasgow (tickets)

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