Music jobs in Scotland do exist… yes, we can prove it

London can be a horrible, expensive, cold city to spend your working life. Yet for people in Scotland who are serious about forging a career path in the music industry there often isn’t any choice but to head to the Big Smoke, where dreams are made and illusions are shattered.

Curiously, the same isn’t true for our musicians who find themselves fortunate enough to be paid for their passion, with the members of bands such as Franz Ferdinand, Biffy Clyro and Belle & Sebastian all still living in Scotland.

It’s a strange incongruity and if it’s one that frustrates you then you’ll be keen to learn that there are jobs up here which combine the world’s two greatest necessities: music and money…

Now that we’ve pointed you in the right direction, here are a couple of tunes to get you in the mood while filling out your application forms. Good luck!

4 Jimmy Eat World – Work
4 Elbow – Not A Job
b March 6, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh (sold out)

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