FLASH! Ahhhh-ahhhhh!

The date is set. This Saturday – March 7, 2009 – all are invited to be a part of a flash mob that will descend under the clock in Glasgow’s Central Station at 2pm for a 15-minute silent rave. The wheels were set in motion by an anonymous Bebo user and news of the event has been spreading like butter around the usual social network sites and message boards.

Now we know what you’re thinking. A random bunch of Scots dancing to music on their headphones isn’t going to have the same grace as the choreographed T-Mobile advert at Liverpool Street Station but, hey, you can’t argue with a bit of organised chaos on a Saturday afternoon… unless, of course, an impenetrable wall of disco is standing between you and the 14:00 train at platform 15 bound for Prestwick Airport.
If this doesn’t sound like your idea of complete hell but you’re kicking yourself because you can’t make it along to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle then fear not. In a first for us, The Pop Cop will be going on location to blog direct from Central Station. Expect video footage of happy kids and irate security.

In the meantime, we recommend you gear up for this social dancing extravaganza by following our pictured step-by-step guide to some classic moves that never fail to impress.

EDIT: According to BBC News, the police aren’t happy. We’ll let you know what happens on Saturday…

4 Queen – Flash
4 Buddy Holly – Rave On
b March 7, Central Station, Glasgow (2pm)

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