Live review: Silent Rave @ Central Station, Glasgow

As promisedThe Pop Cop went along to Central Station to witness Scotland’s first-ever Silent Rave. The authorities tried to ban it, but Glasgow doesn’t pass up the opportunity to dance in public that easily. Here’s what went down…

13.55: We walk into Central Station from Union Street, there are about half a dozen police officers in yellow jackets on the stairway, shooshing folk as they walk in. This is supposed to be a ‘silent’ rave after all. Who says the cops don’t have a sense of humour?

14.00: There is a tangible sense of anticipation as the clock strikes 2pm, but nothing is happening, other than lots of kids standing around looking at each other waiting for someone else to make the first move. Lots of comments of “This is shit”.

14.03: People are getting ready to leave when one brave guy in a white and blue sports top starts dancing wildly, almost breakdancing. He gets a huge cheer for effort. (See first video)

14.05: Encouraged by the reaction, another guy starts dancing, then another, then another. Soon we have a proper moving throng underneath the clock. This is really happening! Ladies and gentlemen, Glasgow is raving! (See second video)

14.06: The cops move in. There’s some booing but the kids offer no resistance to being moved along, and indeed do so in a sort of conga style. Nice one.


4 Travis – Central Station
4 Catatonia – I Am The Mob

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