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When we are interested a band, we write about them; when you are interested in a band, you listen to them; when JENNY SOEP is interested in a band, she goes along to their gig, gets out her pencil and starts drawing.

The results are startling, given that she only has about half-an-hour to get her work done and has potential obstacles such as awkward lighting, overexcitable youngsters and stray alcohol hindering her progress.

You might have spotted the 29-year-old, who is from Oban but lives in Glasgow, at one of Scotland’s music festivals sketching the likes of Bjork, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem and the Beastie Boys, but she more regularly devotes her attention to homegrown acts and her back catalogue includes Arab Strap, James Yorkston, De Rosa, The Dykeenies and The Cinematics.

Jenny will be drawing at the first PodCart event on April 11 and is also organising a big event in October which she tells us is “hush hush”. Keep an eye out for more details on her blog, where you can also order originals and prints of her work.

And if, like us, you love the pictures at the top of this post, you’ll no doubt be keen to hear the three songs that inspired them.

4 The PipettesPull Shapes
4 The HollowaysMalcontented One
4 Emma PollockAdrenaline

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