X marks the spot

We’re all for saving the planet from imminent self-destruction but why is the environment being used an excuse to get away with abusing people’s good intentions?

The UK airline Monarch now ask paying passengers to dispose of their litter in colour-coded recycling bins before getting off every flight – a duty that used to be in the job description of the cleaner.

Even worse is the irresponsible actions of protest group Plane Stupid. Earlier this week they thought it would be a good idea to force Aberdeen Airport to grind to a halt, ruining the plans of holidaymakers and delaying an air ambulance crew taking a paediatric team to attend to an ill baby. Don’t worry, guys, it’s not as if the security staff need to be busy looking out for terrorists at Scottish airports…

So when we tell you that we go to enormous lengths to dissuade record companies from sending CDs to The Pop Cop HQ through the post, rest assured it has absolutely nothing to do with minimising carbon footprints. Instead, it highlights our aversion towards any physical entity that takes up more space in our surroundings than an mp3 file.

Despite all that, we still couldn’t bring ourselves to turn down an invitation to get our hands on the new single by Aberdeen rock tykes THE XCERTS – and it’s a belter.

Crisis In The Slow Lane has the swagger of one of Jimmy Eat World’s lingering epics and the heart-on-sleeve angst of Biffy Clyro. Consider our appetite suitably whetted for The Xcerts’ debut album, In The Cold Wind We Smile, which comes out at the end of the month.

4 The Xcerts – Do You Feel Safe?
4 The Xcerts – Weather Warning
b March 6, Madhatters, Inverness
b March 7, Skinandis, Thurso
b March 8, King Tut’s, Glasgow (tickets)

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