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Take a look at the cover artwork of Belle & Sebastian’s many releases and you would probably come to the conclusion that Stuart Murdoch has a thing for brunettes.

So perhaps that why he has taken this healthy fascination to its natural conclusion with GOD HELP THE GIRL, a project that sees an array of ladies on vocal duties with Belle & Seb playing the music.

Several were discovered by Murdoch in an open call for singers back in 2007 such as American pair Dina Bankole and Brittany Stallings, while Scotland is represented by local lass Celia Garcia (see top picture).

The main star of the show, though, is Limerick girl Catherine Ireton, who sings on 10 of the 14 tracks. Interestingly, she appeared on the sleeve of Belle & Sebastian’s last single, White Collar Boy (see below).
The God Help the Girl album, which includes a couple of reworked Belle & Sebastian tracks, will be released through Matador on June 23 and features a 45-piece orchestra as well as a guest appearance from Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy.

God Help The Girl tracklisting:
1. Act Of The Apostle (Catherine Ireton)
2. God Help The Girl (Catherine Ireton)
3. Pretty Eve In The Tub (Stuart Murdoch and Catherine Ireton)
4. A Unified Theory (Instrumental)
5. Hiding Neath My Umbrella (Catherine Ireton and Stuart Murdoch)
6. Funny Little Frog (Brittany Stallings)
7. If You Could Speak (Catherine Ireton and Anna Miles)
8. Musician Please Take Heed (Catherine Ireton)
9. Perfection As A Hipster (Neil Hannon and Catherine Ireton)
10. Come Monday Night (Catherine Ireton)
11. Music Room Window (Instrumental)
12. I Just Want His Jeans (Asya)
13. I’ll Have To Dance With Cassie (Catherine Ireton)
14. A Down And Dusky Blonde (Dina Bankole, Catherine Ireton, Celia Garcia, Brittany Stallings, Asya)

Watch Stuart Murdoch explaining his God Help The Girl project here:

4 God Help The Girl – Come Monday Night
4 God Help The Girl – Funny Little Frog (Catherine Ireton vocals)

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