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The Pop Cop recently had a candid conversation with Peter Kelly, aka BEERJACKET, in which we discussed the possibility of him leaking his then soon-to-be-released new album, Animosity, onto the internet.

Surely a man in his position, with a loyal but local fanbase, would have more to gain by allowing his songs to reach the widest possible audience. After all, how many folk actually pay for music these days? And if record labels no longer know how to make money from records, what chance has he got?
But the Glasgow singer-songwriter was adamant that it wasn’t in his best interests and, you know what, he was dead right.

It soon dawned on me that Beerjacket is actually in a very envious position for an artist these days. He’s not famous enough for people to be uploading his albums (Animosity is his sixth) onto the usual filesharing forums yet his acoustic songs have a special quality – something that isn’t aligned to a misguided trend or a desperate quest for credibility – that ensures those who hear them are only too happy to part with cash to own them. Well, there isn’t exactly another option.

There are far more reckless ways to spend £4.99, which is all it costs to download Animosity on Amazon, or alternatively you can find it in Avalanche, Glasgow if you want a sleek black digipak version to hold in your hands.

If you’ve had your head turned to his charms by some recent Scottish blogging love on Song, By ToadRokbun and Aye Tunes, not to mention last Saturday’s Daily Record (“comparisons with Elliott Smith are unavoidable – no bad thing if you like your tunes”) and a full-page feature in The Herald Magazine, above – possibly unprecedented for an unsigned musician – then you’ll be keen to catch up on what you’ve missed.

So to that end we’ve provided a taster of each of his six albums, which should put you on the road to fully appreciating the man behind the Beerjacket.

4 Beerjacket – Oh My Head (Oh My Head, 2004)
4 Beerjacket – Joy For The Sad (Great Unhappiness, 2004)
4 Beerjacket – Please Be Kind (Accident History, 2006)
4 Beerjacket – Dance Dance Dance (The Slow Lane Is Faster, 2006)
4 Beerjacket – Belong In (A Boy Of Action, 2007)
4 Beerjacket – Tongue (Animosity, 2009)

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