Step Away From The Computer #9: T in the Park

The police have a blimp which floats above T IN THE PARK with their cameras trained on the chaos below. What they’ll see from up there is as accurate a snapshot of Scotland’s youth as you could find – teenagers running about like maddies, personal hygiene non-existent and alcohol consumption levels that make a mockery of the RDA.

That may seem a little intimidating, but T in the Park is generally very safe, incredibly good-natured and, this year certainly, rammed full of the biggest bands walking the planet.

Balado, Kinross.

Fascinating fact:
One for the ladies: There is a little-known toilet at T in the Park that includes hair dryers, straighteners and freshening-up products. It’s signposted “Refresh” and is situated between the Futures Stage and the campers entrance. Oh and it also costs £2 to use it.


Friday, July 10 – Sunday, July 12.

Weather forecast:



Festival history:
This is its 16th year.

Total number of acts:

Cost of a ticket:

So each act is worth:

Kings Of LeonThe KillersBlurSnow Patrol.

Organiser’s propaganda:
“Healthy T is the place to unwind with the most delicious, nutritious food from around the globe, all at a price which won’t hurt your pocket”. Organic burger: £5.

4 BlurThe Universal (Sunday, 9pm, Main Stage)
4 Bloc PartyFlux (French Version) (Sunday, 4pm, Main Stage)
4 Broken RecordsThoughts On A Picture (Saturday, 7.15pm, BBC Introducing Stage)
4 ElbowGrounds For Divorce (Sunday, 5.30pm, Main Stage)
4 Regina SpektorLaughing With (Sunday, 3.40pm, King Tut’s Tent)
4 We Were Promised JetpacksBack To The Bare Bones (Sunday, 6.3opm, T Break Stage)
4 The Gaslight AnthemOld White Lincoln (Sunday, 12.50pm, Radio 1 NME Stage)
4 General FiascoEver So Shy (Sunday, 2.05pm, Futures Tent)
4 Maximo ParkApply Some Pressure (Friday, 7.10pm, Main Stage)
4 Yeah Yeah YeahsMaps (Friday, 8.40pm, Radio 1 NME Stage)

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