Step Away From The Computer #14: Sounds In The Grounds

Take one look at the line-up for the SOUNDS IN THE GROUNDS festival on the Isle of Lewis and it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘incestuous music scene’ (no, not like that).

Dotjr aka James Reeves masquerades as the bassist for Our Lunar ActivitiesManor Park Elite frontman Niaal Masson is the man behind Iglue; and Willie Campbell plays under his own name as well as being Our Small Capital’s singer.

There also happens to be a ‘Macleod’ in The Boy Who Trapped The SunCan’t SwimSunrise Not SecularOur Small Capital and the Sean Harrison Band – though whether they are all related is anyone’s guess.

Lews Castle Green, Stornoway.

Fascinating fact:
Blink 182 frontman Mark Hoppus recorded and produced Our Lunar Activities’ eponymously-titled debut album, which is due out later this year.

Saturday, August 22.

Weather forecast:

Festival history:
This is its 3rd year.

Total number of acts:

Cost of a ticket:

So each act is worth:

Malcolm Middleton.

Organiser’s propaganda:
“One big day of music set on the beautiful and talent-filled Isle of Lewis.”

DotjrSilence (Main Stage)
Malcolm MiddletonThe Rebel On His Own Tonight (Main Stage)
The Boy Who Trapped The SunThe Fireplace (Main Stage)
Our Small CapitalRhesus Positive (Main Stage)
Willie CampbellNever Perfect (Acoustic Stage)
Strike The ColoursMessage In A Bottle (Acoustic Stage)

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