Step Away From The Computer #16: Loopallu

There are several tell-tale signs that summer has ended: You start wondering how you were ever able to leave the house without a jacket, making a Christmas wishlist doesn’t seem like a completely unreasonable exercise, and we reach the end of The Pop Cop’s guide to Scotland’s music festivals.

Hopefully we’ve helped persuade you to fill your nostrils with that invigorating outdoor smell at least once this year. The last big event of 2009 sees the award for the best-named festival in Scotland go to… LOOPALLU. You do realise that’s Ullapool written backwards, right? Emosewa!

Broomfield Holiday Park, Ullapool.

Fascinating fact:
Neville Staple, the singer for The Specials, cancelled his scheduled appearance this week due to illness. Alabama 3 agreed to step in at the 11th hour to fill their Friday night slot with an acoustic set.

Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19.

Weather forecast:


Festival history:
This is its 5th year.

Total number of acts:

Cost of a ticket:

So each act is worth:

The ViewThe Lightning Seeds.

Organiser’s propaganda:
“When most of the country are thinking of hanging up their wellies as festival season draws to a close, there’s still one little corner of the Highlands still partying well after the summer sun has gone down. Loopallu is often fondly described as a family reunion you’d actually like to go to.”

The ViewWasted Little DJ’s
The DykeeniesSounds Of The City

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