Scotland’s got Talent

Rock bands can boast the most loyal of followers but even the popular ones rarely get much coverage outside specialist media.

The mainstream press prefer to pretend the genre doesn’t exist unless they’re running a story about some troubled teenager, while everybody knows the blogosphere is run by indie kids for indie kids.

Their wilful ignorance is partly justified, though. Rock music is a bit like comedy movies – the majority of it is cliched dross but when it’s done right nothing lifts your spirits more.

The fact that there are so few modern rock groups who are able to run with an original idea and push the genre forward means those who manage to do just that should be hailed as idols with instruments.

Enter BILLY TALENT. They are four albums into their career but the Canadian quartet’s 2003 self-titled second record, in particular, is a listen that never fails to reward. It’s intelligent, hurtles along at a breakneck pace and contains their most memorable choruses – take your pick from Try Honestly, Line & Sinker, Lies and River Below.

They’ll be in Scotland this week. Give them the welcome they deserve.

Billy Talent – Lies
Billy Talent –
Line & Sinker

October 23, Barrowland, Glasgow (tickets)

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