Turn around, Bright Eyes

Do you remember when you were a really young child and it mattered so much to always be making something?

Well, you might be relieved to discover that some people don’t grow out of such invention and imagination. While drones like you walk the eternal treadmill of work and routine, there are some who are not just living the dream, they’re actually living while you, pal, are just alive.

Kyle Wood has barely entered his 20s yet the Whitburn lad has produced three collections of LOVERS TURN TO MONSTERS songs, formed an “emotional rock band” BOYGIRLANIMALCOLOUR, made a YouTube hit video for Beerjacket’s Rolling Stone and Springsteen-approved take on Dancing In The Dark… and he’s even the voice of Dennis The Menace on the new series’ theme tune, Unstoppable (written by Iain Cook, formerly of Aereogramme, no less)

The best of these projects is arguably the former. His Bright Eyes-flavoured moniker is certainly a nod to the debt he pays to Oberst’s confessional songwriting, although our raspy-throated Nebraskan couldn’t claim too great an influence on Wood’s heart-on-sleeve project, which is arguably more ‘lovers’ than ‘monsters’.

Lovers Turn To Monsters – Fall
October 27, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow (supporting Chris T-T) (tickets)
November 15, The Flying Duck, Glasgow

Boygirlanimalcolour – Shakespeare’s Prizefighter

*Big thanks to Josh Baskin, who wrote today’s guest post

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