Compact discs – goodbye and good riddance

The beautiful music of The Unwinding Hours will almost certainly get those who know their history feeling a bit nostalgic for Aereogramme.

It will be intriguing to see what kind of profile Chemikal Underground’s latest signing will attract outside of Scotland since Aereogramme, who released the last of their four albums in early 2007, enjoyed a cult following during a nine-year career that existed almost entirely outside the digital age as we know it.

Their glory days in the late 90s/early 00s remind me of a time when, if I fell in love with a band, I would collect their singles, albums, EPs, Japanese import CDs and even compilation appearances to ensure I heard everything they had to hear.

At the heart of those I obsessed over – Aereogramme, Biffy Clyro, Astrid, Belle & Sebastian, Glitterbox, Muse to name half-a-dozen that immediately spring to mind – was a proven track record of delivering excellent b-sides, yet I would never call myself a record collector.

I had no interest in a new release unless it promised songs that were not available elsewhere. That’s why I don’t subscribe to any kind of mourning over the death of compact discs and the sleeve notes and artwork they held. If your house is as small as mine, CD cases and vinyl records just take up precious space that could be better filled with electrical appliances, sofa beds and clothes horses.

Every CD I have ever loved has been ripped to my computer’s hard drive then binned or sold and I won’t miss a single one of them. In the words of your granny: ‘You cannae take it with you’.

Aereogramme – Black Path
Glitterbox –
Still Breathing

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