If I said you had a beautiful album, would you hold it against me?

Some music publications seem to take a perverse pleasure in building up a band and then knocking them down to the gutter at a later date TBC.

But when it comes to The Pop Cop’s treatment of our favourite (non-Scottish) acts, they tend to be handled like one-night stands: we get a quick fix by buttering them up with compliments and chat-up lines before severing all ties and waving them out of our lives, never to be heard of again.

THE CAVE SINGERS are a case in point. We first wrote about the Seattle alt.folk band in June of last year, with their luscious debut record Invitation Songs subsequently earning a place in The Pop Cop’s top 10 albums of 2008 list. But, as is our way, we have effectively ignored them ever since.

However, their imminent visit to Scotland gives us a convenient excuse to right some wrongs, particularly as The Cave Singers will be promoting the recent release of their new album, Welcome Joy, which is every bit as dreamy as its predecessor and is sure to sound even more spellbinding played live.

Get your coat.

The Cave Singers – Hen Of The Woods
The Cave Singers –
Summer Light

November 13, Stereo, Glasgow (tickets)
November 14, Electric Circus, Edinburgh (tickets)

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