The Pop Cop’s hottest 10 tips of 2010

London, England
The Bristol University student is a quite remarkable talent and it’s only a matter of time before her word-of-mouth popularity outgrows the cult following she currently enjoys. Her instrument of choice is usually the piano and if you hunt down her three EPs, you’ll soon be swooning to some stunning pop songs.
Jose Vanders – These Times

Arkansas, United States
Like The Killers and Voxtrot before them, American Princes are a very British sounding indie-rock band from across the Atlantic. With their instantly appealing melodies and clever key changes, these are anthemic songs that never get tired.
American Princes – Gravel

Reykjavík, Iceland
Jónsi’s forthcoming debut solo album, Go, is shaping up to be both epic and playful, certainly if the string-drenched Disney-esque teaser, Boy Lilikoi, is anything to go by. Expect a generous helping of genius from the Sigur Rós frontman.
Jónsi – Boy Lilikoi

Stockholm, Sweden
Sultry, tender balladeering – imagine a mixture of Robyn, Eva Cassidy and Sinead O’Connor and you’ll appreciate the kind of quality this girl oozes.
Jennie Abrahamson – In This Life To Live

Belfast, Northern Ireland
General Fiasco racked up a lot of blogging inches on The Pop Cop last year and no wonder, given how handy they are with a chorus. These young guys play storm-the-castle punk-pop with a real kick.
General Fiasco – We Are The Foolish
March 15, King Tut’s, Glasgow (tickets)

Bangor, Northern Ireland
Urgent, arty party-pop. This lot have pretty much everything going for them but only their debut album will prove if they have enough substance to back up the style. We think yes.
Two Door Cinema Club – Costume Party
March 14, King Tut’s, Glasgow (tickets)

Reading, England
The orchestral, multi-membered sound of A Genuine Freakshow is more Fanfarlo than Broken Records, with their middle-class Englishness bringing a certain refinement and restraint to their pop palette.
A Genuine Freakshow – Holding Hearts
March 27, The Tunnels, Aberdeen

Edinburgh, Scotland
The Englishman has made great strides in the capital’s music scene since moving north of the border last summer, but 2010 should hopefully see the singer-songwriter find an even wider audience for his beautiful, quiet acoustic songs.
Thomas Western – Exile Song
January 16, Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

Glasgow, Scotland
Such is the pedigree of the former Aereogramme heroes, it would be a major surprise if The Unwinding Hours’ self-titled record isn’t riding high on ‘best of’ lists come the end of the year. Anything these guys touch tends to come out the speakers with class, intelligence and grace.
The Unwinding Hours – Solstice (demo)
January 31, ABC, Glasgow (tickets)

Glasgow, Scotland
Given that their influences reads like a who’s who of the noughties’ greatest bands (Sigur Rós, Jimmy Eat World, The National, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Glaswegian newcomers Galleries are clearly aiming for the stars. If you like the idea of a less self-conscious and more approachable version of post-rock, this could well be your favourite new Scottish band. The Pop Cop does and Galleries are.
Galleries – +Danger
March 2, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow

That wraps up the 10 acts we’re backing for stardom this year so give them all a listen. If you want to see if we’re any good at this game, check out our 2009 tips here.

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