Sitting on the Fence with Homegame

I fear I may be about to make aficionados of Fence Records cover their bearded cheeks with their hands in horror, but I’m going to ask the question anyway: Is Homegame the new T in the Park? It is, after all, the only other Scottish music festival that has ever sold out within four hours of tickets going on sale.

OK, so the capacity is less than 1% of the Balado meat market but it still takes something pretty special to persuade 700 or so punters to part with £75. Factor in three night’s accomodation (there’s no camping under the stars in Anstruther) into the budget and you’re looking at a weekend of weird folk for the cost of a 22-inch Alba LCD television from Argos. Not sure which would last longer, mind you.

So what do you get for your cashish? By the looks of things, a bizarrely high quota of acts named after creatures. There’s the delightful Panda SuEagleowlThe Lone PigeonUncle Jelly FishOLO Worms, The Three Craws, Animal Magic Tricks and, um, Pantha Du Prince.

A major highlight will surely be King Creosote’s seven consecutive live airings of his latest record My Nth Bit Of Strange In Umpteen Years (one of the songs from it is below), although only time will tell if he stays true to his promise that it will never be released as a studio-recorded album.

The chances of hearing a top-40 hit on any of the three days of Homegame (March 12-14) are nonexistent, but you get the feeling that those making the trip to Fife by car are unlikely to have their stereos tuned into Radio 1.

Panda Su – Eric Is Dead


King Creosote – Collector Of Mundane


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