Go get ’em, Tigerfest

What actually constitutes a music festival these days? At first glance TIGERFEST seems to tick the usual boxes, being an annual event (this is its seventh year) that plays host to a variety of acts for the summer crowds. However, the shows that come under its banner are not only individually ticketed, but spread out over 17 days, six indoor venues and three cities that are a mere 130 miles apart.

Perhaps it would be helpful if we look at Tigerfest less as a festival and more of a statement about the acts contained within. It is very much an exercise of collective strength, with several independent promoters, record labels and online media all coming together to ensure their assembled roll call of talented musicians is in fact a national celebration.

The most popular draws this year will most likely be King Creosote and Malcolm Middleton, while Music Alliance Pact graduates There Will Be Fireworks (April 2009), Boycotts (May 2009) and The Unwinding Hours (November 2009) are also making welcome appearances. It’s good to know at least one Tiger can enhance its reputation by playing the field.

May 5: Blueflint, Andi Neate, Andy Tucker & The Scattered Family, Electric Circus
May 6:
Phoebe Kreutz, Casey, Emily Scott, The Stantons, Wee Red Bar (tickets)
May 9: X-Lion Tamer, The Wildhouse, Roxy Art House (tickets)
May 11: TV21, Boycotts, Midas Fall, Cabaret Voltaire (tickets)
May 12: Jesus H. Foxx, There Will Be Fireworks, Electric Circus
May 13:
Chris Bradley, The Dirty Cuts, The Last Battle, Roxy Art House (tickets)
May 14: Martin Stephenson, Fourteenhours, Blind Assassins, Wee Red Bar (tickets)

May 20: Ambulances, Vertis, Crayons, Carnegie Hall (tickets)
May 21: King Creosote, Withered Hand, Rozi Plain, Carnegie Hall (tickets)
May 22: Malcolm Middleton, Spare Snare, Carnegie Hall (tickets)

May 21: The Unwinding Hours, Katerwaul, Tunnels (tickets)

The Unwinding Hours – Tightrope


Ambulances – Cease To Exist (Steve Mason mix)


The Last Battle – Oh Best Beloved


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