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Radiohead once declared Anyone Can Play Guitar. Foolishly, I actually believed them.

But a dozen or so wannabe rock star tantrums, several bruised and bleeding fingers, and the fact that the only function of my disowned acoustic instrument is to provide shelter for Horace (The Pop Cop’s rent-dodging spider) is proof that their message was utter bollocks.

Now, if Radiohead had called that song Anyone Can Be A DJ it would have made a whole lot more sense. I mean, what could be easier than playing other people’s records? Pick a tune. Press play. Line up the next one.

Bands are primarily judged on the quality of their songs, so surely it’s not over-simplistic to say that DJs are only as good as the selection of records they play.

Well, it’s time to put this theory to the test.

On Friday, April 30, I’ll be making my DJing debut at The Flying Duck nightclub in Glasgow as part of their monthly Pin Up Nights. The organisers have branded the event Bloggers Delight as they have also invited representatives from RadarPeenko17 Seconds and Glasgow PodcART to strut their stuff on the decks.

I think we’re each getting an hour-long slot so until then I’ll be blitzing my record collection in preparation for the most important playlist of my part-time pop career.

Any requests?

April 30, The Flying Duck, Glasgow (also features local bands Louise Against The Elements, Kung Fu and Carmine playing live)

The Chemical BrothersHey Boy Hey Girl


RadioheadAnyone Can Play Guitar


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