Live review: Galleries @ Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

Why is duck served with pancakes? Or who took one look at their sweet and sour and declared: “I know what’s missing… pineapple.”

Whatever the origins, we’re stuck with these odd combinations and GALLERIES continue in this fine tradition, looking less like the future of music and more like a bunch of science geeks, with their combination of spectacles, unruly hair and laptop, which is used to give their songs an electronic intro.

But while this unassuming lot may not exactly look like guitar heroes, they don’t half sound like them.

“Don’t look so scared,” sings David McAdam during mini-epic opener Danger, arguably one of the two strongest tracks from their excellent Galleries EP (free to download here), the other being the next song in their set, Underground Overground.

The execution of both in the awkward, cramped surroundings of the Captain’s Rest impresses for the simple fact they manage to capture all of the melodic intricacies that make their studio versions such a continually rewarding listen.

However, the band’s greatest asset, by some considerable distance it has to be said, is McAdam’s vocals. They are quite stunning, particularly when he drifts into falsetto range, which he wisely resists the urge to overdo, perhaps realising its impact is maximised by a less-is-more approach.

Indeed, it is this sense of restraint which helps make Galleries stand head and shoulders above their peers in Glasgow’s crowded guitar-band scene. I’ll take substance over style every time.

Galleries – Underground Overground


Galleries – Clive Wearing


April 22, Bloc, Glasgow (free)
May 15, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow (tickets)
July 23, Wickerman Festival, Dumfriesshire (tickets)

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