Detour: the live wire daredevils

For the past three month I’ve been fighting with Talk Talk to fix my horrendously slow broadband connection (0.38mbps average download speed, I shit you not), which has involved no less than 100 phone calls, mostly to India, and three engineers sent to The Pop Cop HQ in an attempt to get to the root of the problem. It eventually got sorted earlier this week, which finally allowed me to watch video clips online without the computer going into buffer meltdown.

The one link I had saved in anticipation of such a momentous day was footage of renegade Scottish video-bloggers DETOUR’S inaugural ‘Wee Jaunt’ around Glasgow on May 30, which I have embedded below.

The all-day event started off with Stevie And The Moon playing in Brel’s beer garden, before the audience was taken by subway to St Enoch Square where The Second Hand Marching Band were in full flow; they then led the crowd to the first of four performances in venue toilets – Rachel Sermanni in Mono followed by Energy! in The Arches, This Silent Forest in The Admiral, and Admiral Fallow in The Flying Duck. Oh, and Bronto Skylift also rocked out in Bothwell Lane (pictured above).

The geniuses behind Detour are 23-year-old duo Ally McCrae and David Weaver, who are famed for their monthly ‘Kidnap’ series in which they huckle a band into a transit van and drive them off to a secret, unorthodox (often outdoor) location and film them playing a short set, powered by a petrol generator. On top of that Detour also do regular podcasts, put on live nights and have even recorded a pilot for their own TV show. Considering the incredibly professional job these guys do with no funding – just a wealth of ideas, an infectious enthusiasm and the goodwill of people with a shared passion for local bands – they really do deserve to make a living out of this. The Scottish music scene is lucky to have them.

The second Wee Jaunt will take place on Sunday, August 22 in Glasgow. The entertainment will begin at 3pm at St Enoch Square with the last stop being Bloc’s open mic night at 9pm, but quite what will happen in the six hours in-between is anyone’s guess. If you fancy going along, email givemeabelterofadayout@hotmail.com to reserve your place. See here for more info.

November 2009: Bronto Skylift kidnap video (Forthside Bridge, Stirling), podcast
December 2009: The Whisky Works kidnap video (Glasgow film studio), podcast
January 2010: Other People kidnap video (Forth Rail Bridge), podcast
February 2010: LightGuides kidnap video (Scotland/England border), podcast
March 2010: Hey Enemy kidnap video (Bath Street, Glasgow), podcast
April 2010: The LaFontaines kidnap video (Falkirk Wheel), podcast
May 2010: Carnivores kidnap video (Glasgow Science Centre), podcast
June 2010: Song Of Return kidnap video (St Peter’s Seminary, Cardross)

Check out Detour on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.


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  1. dave Says:

    August 12th, 2010 at 14:29

    HERE HERE!!!

  2. Ed P. Says:

    August 13th, 2010 at 12:53

    Totally brilliant!

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