Rocktoberfest 2010

In 2008, I made up a music festival called ROCKTOBERFEST to provide a catch-all name for Glasgow’s customarily chocker gig calendar in October. And I mean ‘made up’ literally – there was no branding, no sponsorship and no marketing other than a solitary blog post that singled out one Pop Cop-approved live concert on each of the month’s 31 days.

Last year I repeated the exercise, thus confirming Rocktoberfest as an annual festival all music lovers could get on board with and not have to fret about tents and wristbands and timetable clashes. And with a healthy number of quality free gigs to choose from, it could cost as much or as little as you want.

So far Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Bob Winter, has resisted my calls to make it a regular fixture in the city’s official calendar of events, but imagine my shock* when I discovered that some Weegie chancers had arranged an eight-band bill on October 31 under the name of Roktoberfest. Just as well they dropped the ‘c’ or I’d find another use for their Oxfam collection box.

That charity concert is one of my top tips for the month ahead in Glasgow, and some nights are so good I couldn’t resist suggesting more than one gig so If you’ve mastered the art of being in two places at once you’re in luck.

* Congratulations if you correctly guessed ‘two hands clasped over mouth’.

Friday, October 1, Mumford & Sons, Academy (sold out)
Saturday, October 2, Music Like A Vitamin featuring Rod Jones, Emma Pollock, Alasdair Roberts, James Yorkston, ABC1 (tickets) / Be A Familiar, Endor, Gdansk, Classic Grand (tickets)
Sunday, October 3, Super Adventure Club, Bronto Skylift, Carnivores, Nice ‘n’ Sleazy

Monday, October 4, Of Montreal, QMU (tickets)
Tuesday, October 5, The Seventeenth Century, Bloc (free)
Wednesday, October 6, Yvonne Lyon, Brel (tickets)
Thursday, October 7, A Genuine Freakshow, Bloc (free)
Friday, October 8, Roddy Hart, CCA (tickets) / Panda Su, Rachel Sermanni, Bloc (free)
Saturday, October 9, Admiral Fallow, Washington Irving, Bloc (free)
Sunday, October 10, Delays, King Tut’s (tickets)

Monday, October 11, Yuck, A Grave With No Name, Barn Owl, Captain’s Rest (tickets)
Tuesday, October 12, Brandon Flowers, Academy (sold out) / Bear Bones, Captain’s Rest (tickets)
Wednesday, October 13, Detour live night (secret line-up), Bloc (free)
Thursday, October 14, Kate Nash, ABC1 (tickets) / Kassidy, Astral Planes, QMU (tickets)
Friday, October 15, Cory Branan, 13th Note / Jonathan Sebastian Knight, Tchai-Ovna (free)
Saturday, October 16, Oxjam Glasgow Takeover featuring Blue Sky Archives, Marco Polo, St Deluxe, Isa & the Filthy Tongues, The Lonely Boy, Dead Sea Souls, Any Color Black, John Rush, The Black Hand Gang, Alan Mckim, Sonny Marvello, Must Be Something, St Deluxe, Louise McVey & The Cracks In The Concrete, The Winter Tradition, Vigo Thieves, Cities And Skylines, various venues (tickets)
Sunday, October 17, The Unwinding Hours, The Twilight Sad, RM Hubbert, Oran Mor (tickets) / Aaron Wright And The Aprils, Stereo

Monday, October 18, Robyn, ABC1 (tickets)
Tuesday, October 19, Steve Mason, Stereo (tickets)
Wednesday, October 20, Hot Hot Heat, Stereo (tickets) cancelled / Maple Leaves, Captain’s Rest (tickets)
Thursday, October 21, Amy Macdonald, Academy (tickets)
Friday, October 22, Feeder, ABC1 (sold out)
Saturday, October 23, Plan B, Academy (sold out)
Sunday, October 24, Yeasayer, ABC1 (tickets)

Monday, October 25, The Wombats, King Tut’s (tickets)
Tuesday, October 26, Clinic, Stereo (tickets)
Wednesday, October 27, Bedouin Soundclash, King Tut’s (tickets)
Thursday, October 28, The Black Keys, The Walkman, Academy (tickets)
Friday, October 29, Ellie Goulding, Academy (tickets)
Saturday, October 30, Detour Halloween Party, Bloc (free)
Sunday, October 31, Roktoberfest featuring Trapped In Kansas, Penguins Kill Polar Bears, The Darien Venture, ThisFamiliarSmile, Make Sparks, Scores, Bellow Below, So Many Animal Calls, Classic Grand (tickets)

A Genuine Freakshow – Holding Hearts

Cory Branan – Miss Ferguson

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