I and love and you

So there I was in my local Co-op, purchasing something cool (Vienetta) when a sound truly wondrous came over the instore airwaves that made me glide up and down the aisles in a daydream for the next five minutes – I And Love And You by The Avett Brothers, quite possibly my new favourite song of all time (this week).

The Avett Brothers – I And Love And You

Fear not, this isn’t another post about how supermarkets are one of the best places to hear new music – however, it did make me realise that The Pop Cop has evolved into a very peculiar music blog given that I find it almost impossible to simply write about a new tune I’m loving unless I’ve interpolated it into an academically-researched study with at least one Venn diagram. I’m exaggerating a little but I guess I’ve never found it to be much of an issue before because, in all honesty, I dislike 95% of the music that comes my way and I’m certainly not going to waste both my time and yours writing about bands who are merely above average.

Seeing as February 14 is fast approaching and The Pop Cop always has a special Valentine’s Day feature (2010?, 2009?), I’ve decided to dedicate this post to telling you about some of the things I’m loving right now since there’s an unseasonably high number of such things and it’s starting to freak me out!

I love…

…The likelihood of There Will Be Fireworks’ second album blowing my mind, certainly if this work-in-progress version of South Street is anything to go by:
There Will Be Fireworks – South Street

…This photo of Dot JR signing to Polydor.

Letters, the hottest new band in Scotland right now. Their debut single is released on February 16, the same day the play their first ever gig, at Henry’s Cellar Bar in their native Edinburgh. “No band I’ve seen that comes from our part of the world is better than us live. And that’s only going by how good we are in practice,” said singer Mikey Ferguson in an interview with Kowalskiy – such declarations would make them seem like cocky little fuckers if their ambitious indie-rock-with-cellos sound wasn’t so monumental. They’re also playing Glasgow’s King Tut’s on March 4 in support to Wild Palms and Song Of Return.
Letters – Pipe Dreams

…The long-awaited return of State Broadcasters. They’re finishing off their second album and about to play their first gigs since September 2009. Aviemore’s Old Bridge Inn on February 26 and Glasgow’s Nice ‘n’ Sleazy on March 13. Be there.
State Broadcasters – Let’s Make T-shirts

…That I was fortunate enough to hear someone as talented as Reverie for the first time and be able to have her play live on The Pop Cop’s Subcity radio show barely a week later.

…That the next album by the normally melancholy Beerjacket is shaping up to be the most joyous thing he has ever done:
Beerjacket – Fresh Legs (demo)

…The anticipation of hearing a brand new recording from Admiral Fallow, who are re-releasing their award-winning (ha!) debut album Boots Met My Face on March 28 with a bonus song called The Sad Clown Cast, which was originally going to be the record’s title track. Here’s something else you didn’t know: Squealing Pigs has become the most downloaded mp3 in this website’s four-year history since being included in last March’s Music Alliance Pact – 36,809 times and counting:
Admiral Fallow – Squealing Pigs

Endor. Everybody loves a bit of Endor, right?
Endor – Without The Help Of Sparks

…The jaw-dropping quality of movies that suddenly appear at the cinema during Oscars season: Blue Valentine, The Next Three Days, The King’s Speech. Wow.

Kyla La Grange and Ben Howard and the new Cold War Kids album Mine Is Yours because, you know, sometimes great things happen outside Scotland.
Kyla La Grange – Walk Through Walls

Ben Howard – Old Pine

Cold War Kids – Royal Blue

2 Responses to “I and love and you”

  1. Kowalskiy Says:

    February 6th, 2011 at 13:31

    How good are Letters?? :)

    Good to hear some new Beerjacket material too.

  2. Alex Says:

    February 6th, 2011 at 20:21

    I’m curious, how does one become the “hottest” band in the country when no one has heard you play as you haven’t done any gigs yet?
    Just asking!

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