Live blog: SAY Award 2014

SAY Award 2014

Hello, you beautiful human. Welcome to The Pop Cop’s live blog from this year’s SAY Award ceremony at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow, which celebrates Scottish albums which were released in 2013.

There are 10 contenders in the shortlist, each artist bidding to scoop the first prize of £20,000. Not sure whether you are required to declare those winnings on your self assessment tax return, must ask RM Hubbert about that later…

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First things first, let’s have your thoughts, please:

Which album do you want to win the 2014 SAY Award?

  • Chvrches - The Bones of What You Believe (31%, 19 Votes)
  • Young Fathers - Tape Two (15%, 9 Votes)
  • Hector Bizerk - Nobody Seen Nothing (13%, 8 Votes)
  • not fussed (11%, 7 Votes)
  • The Pastels - Slow Summits (8%, 5 Votes)
  • Biffy Clyro - Opposites (5%, 3 Votes)
  • Edwyn Collins - Understated (5%, 3 Votes)
  • RM Hubbert - Breaks & Bone (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Steve Mason - Monkey Minds in the Devil's Time (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Mogwai - Les Revenants (3%, 2 Votes)
  • Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest (2%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 61

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The Pop Cop June 19, 201408:48

We’ve got the official schedule for this evening’s ceremony. The ever-expanding Team Pop Cop will be at the venue from 6.45pm so we’ll keep you abreast of everything that’s going on, with on-location photos and scurrilous gossip. Doors open at 7.30pm and there will be some special live treats before the winner is due to be announced at 10.10pm.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201408:54

In the meantime, check out fellow blogger Scottish Fiction’s surveys of the nominators and public, which both suggest that Chvrches are the hot favourites to win tonight.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201409:00

Some potentially life-changing decisions will be made tonight. What to wear? I’ll be back later to introduce you to the rest of the blogging team. They’re awfy glam.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:13

Team Pop Cop are in the house! It’s 20mins till doors open…

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:19

The mighty Young Fathers are up for the SAY Award tonight. Did anyone catch them on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night?

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:27

Hey y’all! The Big Issue man is in a prime spot outside the Barrowlands; exchanging compliments for a pound. Bring on the Say Awards. Sarah (aka “Jennifer Aniston’s love-child”)

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:37

Doors are opening so we can tell you who tonight’s special live acts are: last year’s winner RM Hubbert, LAW (Edinburgh answer to MIA, anyone?) and Alarm Bells.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:39

I’m off in search of some canapés.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:47

Award organiser Stewart Henderson said he’s feeling nervous about the night. When asked if he was feeling proud he said: “ask me when it’s finished!”

He also complimented Team Pop Cop on making the effort to dress up. Thanks Stewart, you’re making us blush.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:54

Penicillin cocktails courtesy of Dewar’s. Cheers guys!

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:56

As you may have spotted in the photo of Team Pop Cop, there are a few musicians amongst our number. Shona from Honeyblood, Bronagh Monahan and Jarv from Fake Major, whose attempt to pay with his credit card at the Barras bar was greeted with “Mate, we’ve only just started using decimal”.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201419:57

It’s a toss up between Young Fathers and Steve Mason for Edinburgh record label Gerry Loves.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:03

We understand that all the shortlisted artists are here except Steve Mason and Boards of Canada. Like BoC really have somewhere better to be. Sheesh.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:05

We can report that whilst the canapés are delicious they are somewhat impractical. #firstworldproblems #priorities

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:12

place is filling up nicely, running slightly behind schedule now – perhaps due to the lengthy time it’s taking to eat the canapés? WHO KNOWS?!

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:13

The hosts are up! Vic Galloway and Janice Forsyth.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:16

Kid Canaveral’s money is on Hector Bizerk or Chvrches ftw

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:24

Hubby is on stage with brass section, sounding horny.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:27

Peenko reckons Chvrches are going to scoop the award tonight but would like to see Hector Bizerk walk away with the title of Scottish Album of the Year.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:29

Issho Taiko Drummers are giving it yaldi!

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:33

We are an hour in and the free bar has been the main attraction so far with Paul, Jarv, shona and Bronagh making sure the Dewars cocktails are up to scratch. The main chat in the bar area is about who’s money is on who tonight and Chvrches seem to be the peoples favourite so far. There is also much talk about albums which haven’t made tonight’s short list, most noticeably Frightened Rabbit’s Pedestrian Verse.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:40

SUAREZ 1 England 0!!!

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:41

Er, yeah, music chat: There’s your Issho Taiko Drummers, bringing the tribal beats to a very busy Barrowlands. Good to see so many folk adhering to the “smart” dress code.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:48

SAY Award art commission winner Ian Jackson is being presented with his award.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:49

Free bar has finished. Devastated.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:54

Hector Bizerk, the first of 10 acts to pick up their shortlist prize of £1000. Louie, the Glasgow poet, man of the people, tells it like it is: “We make music we like and we don’t really care if anybody else likes it.”

The Pop Cop June 19, 201420:56

Lauren Mayberry accepts Chvrches’ shortlist prize and gets the biggest cheer of the night with this nugget: “It’s kinda cool to be one of only two women on the shortlist.”

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:01

Hector Bizerk

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:02


The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:07

Our favourite member of Biffy Clyro, James Johnston, picks up the shortlist prize and thanks the public for voting them on to it

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:19

LAW is the next live act – a breathtaking spectacle, soulful vocals, steely stare, pushing the boundaries of pop

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:25

Just a thought if you’re a Scottish act hoping to make it onto next year’s longlist, or wondering why you didn’t make this year’s… send your album to as many of the 100 nominators as possible – they won’t vote for you if they haven’t heard your record.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:26

Not for everyone, I guess: https://twitter.com/murrayeaston/status/479719078580715520

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:30

The remainder of the shortlist are picking up their £1000 cheques. Bronagh says she’d spend it on a chow-chow [Googles chow-chow]

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:33

Boards of Canada couldn’t be arsed to turn up. This will make up for it http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/15/Serena.chow.chow.jpg

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:38

Young Fathers. Total dudes. Award rivals Hector Bizerk questioned online whether YF should have been nominated for what most people would regard as an EP rather than an album, even though it is eligible under the rules of the prize.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:44

Alarm Bells take the stage. \w/

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:45

The big announcement is getting closer…. more predictions/hopes coming in…

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:46

David Weaver of Detour is hoping for Boards of Canada, although his favourite live act is Hector Bizerk, while Jamie Gilmour can’t see past Mogwai.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:49

Personally (Paul) hearing a lot of folk bad mouthing Biffy Clyro in the crowd, with people not wanting to give any recognition to anything they have done since some of their early mastery… pretty unfair Id say, certainly their best album in a few years and one Ive enjoyed, although cannot see past Chvrches tonight based on the ten albums presented on the short list.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:52

SUAREZ!!!!!! 2-1 Uruguay….. they think it’s all over….

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:53

The fans are on the pitch….

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:53

IT IS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pop Cop June 19, 201421:58

Noisy boys those Alarm Bells, bringing out the inner emo in all of us with their live set. Ok, some of us.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:00

Just bumped into Lynne and James Johnston, who got his ‘n’ hers tattoos on honeymoon in Mauritius. SCOOP.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:05

They’re going through all 20 longlisted albums now on a VT, so you know which ones missed out.

They’re all winners really.

Not really.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:11

The 2014 SAY Award winner is… Young Fathers – Tape Two

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:13

Young Fathers on stage: “Things are changing. Things are changing, We are travelling men and we represent nowhere. We are so proud of our family and everyone who helped us. We love you back.”

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:18

Dok from Chvrches (most people’s favourite for tonight’s award) was delighted for Young Fathers, saying he is a big fan of the band, and pointing out they had them out on tour with them over the past year.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:24

Young Fathers collecting their award, beautiful men.

The Pop Cop June 19, 201422:41

Thanks for your eyes during our live blog. We’re getting politely ushered towards the exit and the lure of the aftershow party at WEST Brewery, so we’re going to sign off with a track from Young Fathers’ victorious record Tape Two: https://soundcloud.com/anticon/young-fathers-i-heard

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